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Famous Original
Anise Scented Rigged Worm

Always The

Since 1960





  • Kellys pre-rigged anise scented Plow Jockey, Pier Boy Special and Reveille Jr. were started by Glenn B. Kelly as a hobby in the late 1950's and were used by family, friends and co-workers at International Harvester Company.
  • Glenn started having a lot of requests because of the word of mouth advertisement the lures received, so he began to sell them.

  • Kelly's Annealed Electro-Stat Crawlers was started in 1960 and began selling to tackle shops.

  • The name was changed to Kelly's Annealed Baits and incorporated in 1978.
  • Glenn B. Kelly passes away in 1979. His son and daughter-in-law, Mike and Grace, continue the business. It continues to grow, and eventually becomes a full-time endeavor.

  • Kellys introduces the pre-rigged anise scented Striper, Firetails, Two-Hook Weedless and Weedless Bass Crawler worms.
  • 1990 - Christie, Mike and Grace's daughter, joins the business.
  • All of our anise scented pre-rigged worms are made and assembled in the USA.

  • Every worm is HAND-SEWN to give each scented worm its own action and the best quality possible. Some lures use the phrase hand-tied to make you assume it is all hand made, but only the Famous Original Kelly's is hand-tied and HAND-SEWN so it is truly a hand made product. By doing this it creates a natural life like action in the lure that bass cannot resist and cannot be duplicated by copycats.


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