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  • Jennifer Crabtree2

    Jennifer Crabtree from Kentucky

    Dear Kelly Bass,

     My name is Jennifer Crabtree. I would like to share with you my story and a picture of my recent catch. My mom and I headed out fishing. We had a big supply of Kelly"s bait as always. See my mom only uses your bait. She swears by them and carries a wide variety in her tackle box. We were catching fish left and right that morning then BAM! I hooked on to this beauty. She put up a fight and I was exhausted, but with the help of my mom and the dip net, we got her up on the dock. I was using my little Zebco 22 with your Pier Boy Special (Peachie Natural) worm. My catch was a large mouth bass. She measured 28 inches long, 16 girth and weighed approx. 12.29 lbs, almost beating Kentucky's state record of 13lbs.  I would like to share my pictures with you. See I didn't keep her! She was so much fun reeling in that I hope someone else can experience the same rush I did. So we placed her back in the water after a brief photo shoot. Thank you so much for your wonderful bait. EVERYONE is asking what we used that day and we say nothing but the best Kelly Pier- Boy Special!

    Thank you for the best day ever.. Jennifer

  • Richard Emge

    Richard Emge from Virginia

    Bass Caught on the Kelly's Weedless Bass Crawler JuneBug Glitter Bass Lure

  • Alan Kiehl

    Alan Kiehl from Ohio

    Bass Caught on the Kelly's Red/White Striper Pre-Rigged Bass Worm

  • AndyMahoney

    Andy Mahoney from Pennsylvania

    28in Chain Pickerel Caught on the Kelly's Purple Wild Grape Weedless Bass Crawler

  • BarryBindi

    Barry Bindi from Flordia

    Bass Caught on the Pre-Rigged Kelly's Firetail Bass Lure

  • ChrisCook

    Chris Cook from West Virginia

    Bass Caught on the Kelly's Purple/White Striper

  • BudLong

    Bud Long from Illinois

    1 of 5 Bass Caught on the Pre-Rigged Kelly's Bass Worms

  • ChandlerKeen

    Chandler Keen from Mississippi

    Bass Caught on the Kelly's Two-Hook Weedless Purple/White

  • AlexBastian

    Alexander Bastian from Michigan

    Bass Caught on the Kelly's Wine/White Striper Bass Worm

  • DawnLiposchak P-FT

    Dawn Liposchak from New York

    Bass Caught on the Kelly's Purple Firetail Bass Lure