About Kelly’s

The worm that started it all, The Plow Jockey®


Kellys pre-rigged anise scented Plow Jockey, Pier Boy Special and Reveille Jr. were started by Glenn B. Kelly as a hobby in the late 1950’s and were used by family, friends and co-workers at International Harvester Company.

Glenn started having a lot of requests because of the word of mouth advertisement the lures received, so he began to sell them.


Kelly’s Annealed Electro-Stat Crawlers was started in 1960 and began selling to tackle shops.

The name was changed to Kelly’s Annealed Baits and incorporated in 1978.

Glenn B. Kelly passes away in 1979. His son and daughter-in-law, Mike and Grace, continue the business. It continues to grow, and eventually becomes a full-time endeavor.

1980/1990 and beyond

Kellys introduces the pre-rigged anise scented Striper, Firetails, Two-Hook Weedless and Weedless Bass Crawler worms.

1990 – Christie, Mike and Grace’s daughter, joins the business.

All of our anise scented pre-rigged worms are made and assembled in the USA.

Every worm is HAND-SEWN to give each scented worm its own action and the best quality possible. Some lures use the phrase hand-tied to make you assume it is all hand made, but only the Famous Original Kelly’s is hand-tied HAND-SEWN so it is truly a hand made product. By doing this it creates a life like action in the lure that bass cannot resist and cannot be duplicated by copycats.