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  • michaelbrandonkeen

    Michael & Brandon Keen from Mississippi

    Caught with the Kelly's Weedless Bass Crawler Plastic Worms

  • garydemars

    Gary Demars from Michigan

    Caught on the Kelly's Purple/Firetail Weedless Bass Crawler

  • shaunhogan

    Shawn Hogan from Ohio

    Caught in Canada on Kelly's Bass Worms

  • mikepopovitch

    Mike Popovitch

    6lb Bass Caught on the Kelly's Purple Wild Grape Plow Jockey

  • christineyork

    Christine York from Maine

    Caught on the Kelly's Purple/White Bass Lure

  • angelwhitehead

    Dale Whitehead from Canada

    Caught on a White Kelly's Reveille Jr. Propeller

  • andrewkessler

    Andrew Kessler from New Jersey

    Caught on the Kelly's Black/Yellow Weedless Bass Crawler Lure

  • charlesrony

    Charles Roney from Missouri

    Caught on the Kelly's Striper

  • brianwatson

    Brian Watson from Michigan

    Caught on the Kelly's Reveille Jr plastic fishing lure

  • rogerhogan

    Roger Hogan from Ohio

    Caught on Kelly's Plastic Bass Worms while fishing in Canada