How to Fish Kelly’s®

How To Fish Kelly’s® Anise Scented Pre-Rigged Bass Worms

  • Fish Slow, Light and Lazy.  Set the Hook at the Slightest Tug. Retrieve the lure using a Start and Stop Action, do this by turning the reel handle 3 turns and then hesitating for a moment, then another 3 turns and hesitating and so on.  Fish at a slow to medium speed.  Experiment and find the method that works best for you!
  • Should you miss hooking the Fish simply relax, let the worm settle for a few seconds, then start retrieving slowly and be Ready to Set The Hook.
  • We Highly recommend the use of a Snap-n-Swivel size 12 or 14 with our lures.  This will help to keep your line from twisting and will also add more action to the worm.
  • If you wish to add more weight to a worm use one or two round split shot (size 3/0 or BB) just above the swivel. This will allow you to fish deeper and to fish at a faster rate of speed.
  • Make sure your drag is set correctly on your reel.
  • Never use extreme force to get a fish in, just keep a Good Tight Line and enjoy the Catch!
  • Always Take and Use a Landing Net!
  • Rely on your instincts if you come to a place and you say to yourself that there has got to be a Bass here, chances are there is.  Lets say your using your favorite Kellys plastic worm lures but you’ve not had any hits.  Take time to change to a different color maybe even style of Kelly plastic lures or just add a split shot.  But before you leave that spot try something different and be ready to set the hook.

Good Luck Fishing!
The Kelly’s Team