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5 1/2″ Natural Pre-Rigged Plastic Worm. Two No. 4 Weedless Hooks Are Precisely Placed Into The Worm To Give Full Hooking and Holding Power! With Easy Releasing Weed Guards “Bass Don’t Stand A Chance”. Hand Tied-Hand Sewn 17 lb. Test Inside Leader. Made With Built-in Fish Catching Scent “Anise Scented Plus”.™

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Pack = 1 worm | Card = 12 packs
Peachie Natural
Purple Wild Grape
Neutral Clear Tail
Purple & White
Black & White
Wine & White
Black & Yellow
Purple Firetail
Purple Yellowtail Firetail

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24 reviews for Two-Hook Weedless

  1. Mark Knickerbocker (verified owner)

    I’ve used this lure for 30 years it’s hands down the finest lure around I use the purple with orange dot and love the fact that you guy’s have not raised the price that much costumer for life …..thanks

  2. Tim Pivarnik (verified owner)

    Bought 3 of these to try in Indiana. Caught and released 11 largemouth my first time out with them. My buddy caught 1 using a different bait. I love these and so glad I found them. I’ve used Delong scented worms forever and had a large stock of them but I’m running out and they are not made anymore. I was worried, but not anymore! Now I’m going to stock up on these!

  3. john

    i’ll swear, these are the best bass lures i’ve ever seen, hands down! been using them for years here in missouri. i catch fish while my buddies just sit there calling me names.

  4. Kaidan

    Best worms on the planet.

  5. Ian

    My Uncle used these when I was a child. Now, 33, I have continued to use the Purple with red dot in South Al. Always successful!

  6. Andrew Minard

    Threw one under a tree and got a 6 pounder. 100 percent recommend.

  7. Patrick Dunn

    My friend recommended this weedless worm to me and we caught so many bass on an average day. I caught a 7lb largemouth. His tackle box consist of only these worms. He does not use his other spinners or lures. You won’t be disappointed.

  8. Raymond Albright

    I have been using these for 20 + years..They work in almost any Lake or pond..Ordering more
    as I write this..Great item..Well worth the price..

  9. Ted

    Thank god I found this site. Just got a new bass boat. Had take a break from fishing. With my boys now grown I am hitting the bass again. I used these years ago and they are the best lures I ever used. I would not fish without them in my tackle box. I’m trying other colors now always used the black and yellow worms from Maine to New Jersey. Always caught fish.

  10. Tony Dumbleton

    Absolutely the best bass lure on the market.

  11. Kris Carpenter (verified owner)

    I think the 2 hook weedless is the best bait in my tackle box. I always have1 pole with a natural color attached. I’ve been fishing with these lures for 30 years.

  12. Tom Davis

    This is my go to bait when I don’t have a lot of time to get into fish. Amazing, simply amazing.
    A friend gave me a couple some years back and I am down to my last one. I don’t order on line and
    I wish I could find a local bait store in Cincinnati Ohio to buy some.

  13. Michael Keen

    These worms are unreal, it is a rare day i come home without a fish that I just caught on the two hook weedless! Even when the fishing guides say, “it’s not a good day for fishing” I come home with fish! Purple and white are my favorites! Bassin in the swamps of South Mississippi.

  14. Al

    Purple and white up here in New Hampshire. Far and away the best largemouth lure I’ve ever used.

  15. jeff

    I have used these for over 20 years. I always have one tied on.

  16. Logan

    I’ve been using the purple and white for about 6 years now I used to carry tons of tackle on every outing now I just use these. Best lure on the market

  17. Graig M. (verified owner)

    Bought on a whim…. Landed 3 smallmouth and 1 largemouth in 10 casts…. Buying more!!!

  18. Carissa (verified owner)

    Somebody fishing at our pond gave my husband a peachie/natural two hook weedless and he LOVED it! He had been telling me to order him more and when I finally did, they arrived the NEXT DAY! I was shocked. Great product, great service!

  19. Fabio Costa

    Perfect bait !!! A Long time ago I was fishing with my friend in Connecticut and he showed me the Kelly’s worm, since then I have never use another bait. Sometimes I customize them with spinner blade or silicone skirt and the results are incredible !!! I live in North Carolina and the Two-Hook Weedless is the best one for me, I just tried out the new Watermelon seed Glitter worm with little weight and I caught a good size bass…

  20. Bryant Turner

    These things really work !!!!

  21. Thomas Espenshade (verified owner)

    Was fishing at Black Lake NY, I caught a 11lb. 28 1/2in Bowfin, and a 18in 2lb Bass using a Peachie Natural.
    These lures are hands down the best weedless lures. Awesome!

  22. Brantley

    I have caught bass every time I used this bait. Yesterday I caught a monster crappie on this worm. It’s the best plastic worm I have ever tried.

  23. Carey (verified owner)

    Lot of ponds and lakes in Southeastern Massachusetts are weeded up pretty badly these days and the 2 hook weedless works like a charm. I’ll never be without them!

  24. Joe Burket (verified owner)

    The black and yellow slays bass like no other

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