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This 5 1/2″ Lure Designed and Scented Especially For Bass! Stays Soft and Flexible for Good Action! Three No. 6 Mustad Hooks Precisely Arranged for Bass Attack. Hand Tied-Hand Sewn 17 lb. Test Inside Leader. Made In Six Of Natures Natural Colors That Distract Fish From Their Traditional Habits. With Built-In Fish Catching Scent “Anise Scented Plus”™.

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Pack = 1 worm | Card = 12 packs
Peachie Natural
Purple Wild Grape
Neutral Clear Tail
Blackberry Black
Orchid Petal
Red Swamp Berry

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19 reviews for Plow Jockeys®

  1. Elias

    i came looking for these worms bc i got hit with a huge nostalgia moment, i use to live near a gas station on a lake that had a tiny 4ftx8ft “tackle room” and a good foot of both walls were covered in different plow jockeys, i can still remember as a kid buying 2 of every one and slinging them next to docks, these are my go to baits when i want to catch just about anything, i dont care what ur fishing for or if ur a new or old fisher, these are honestly the best baits u could use

  2. Chuck Tornetta

    Kelly worms are durable and effective. I’m confident that I’ll catch fish with every cast. These are my go-to worms and lures.

  3. Jeff Brown (verified owner)

    These rigs are the best since I was about 13 yrs old. Bass magnets with that realistic action. That was 50 years ago and I’m about to place another order!

  4. Kenneth moffitt

    Without a doubt the best fishing lure ever

  5. Kenneth moffitt

    Without a doubt the best

  6. Kenneth moffitt

    Without a doubt the best fishing product I have ever used

  7. Ryan

    Been using plow jockeys since I was a kid. Love they’re from Indiana too. Caught a 8 pound walleye today with a regular purple jockey, on top of countless bass. Going to buy pier boys next because the far rear hook will get you those bluegill snapping at the tail. Won’t ever stop using plow jockeys when fishing bass

  8. Zane Hagans

    Caught my PB on this great lure!

  9. Ruth

    Best Bass Bait ever. They eat it. Up. RuthieDeweese

  10. John Kuta (verified owner)

    #1 go to bait in my tackle box! The worm is a quality product and takes a beating. I highly recommend the plow jockey worm. Except no imitations there is only one Kelly’s Plow Jockey.

  11. glgallo1 (verified owner)

    I haven’t been fishing in awhile, but as soon as I knew for sure I was going, these were the first thing I purchased. As usual, they kicked butt! Caught 2 3lb Bass within the first 30 minutes fishing. Love these lures!

  12. Colby Ardis

    My friend Jim introduced me to Plow Jockeys and the Pier Boy Special two years ago. They have been my go to worms ever since. This last weekend we won our two day Bass Club “Fish-Off” thanks to Kellys Plow Jockey. There were 32 contestants and 16-boats in the tournament! Praise the Lord!,

  13. Darrell Hensley

    In 38 years of hardcore fishing I had never had any luck with plastic worms. Then one day on an old Boy Scout pond my buddies were catching bass on every cast. I asked what they were using and they said Plow Jockeys. I told them I had never had any luck with plastic worms and they said I’ve never used a Plow Jockey then. I rigged one up and on the first cast I caught a 3 pounder. I caught more bass that day than the previous 38 years combined. I thought, maybe it was just because of the pond we were on, so the next day I told them let’s go to a lake. I caught bass the whole time we were there. I am 48 now and I use NOTHING but Plow Jockeys in mid to shallow waters. I use freshly caught blue gills for deep water. NOTHING compares to the Plow Jockey except maybe two particular minnows from the old Banjo kit. I will never use anything else for mid to shallow waters.

  14. Frank

    Been using these since I was 8 I’m gona be 47 in a week my bro in law turned me on to these. Whoever I go fishing with after a few bass to their nothing they say what are you using and do you have more. Never seen a better plastic bass worm. They make none better #1 in my book purple grape plowjockeys killem every time.

  15. Brandon S.

    I was fishing in Newport News,VA at the park. The lake is heavily weeded. I had caught a few bass here and the on some other popular brand of worm. A guy fishing the pier with me said I should try them . He gave me 2. I didn’t catch one that evening to the dissapointment of the guy. He said just keep using it and it WILL catch fish. Well two days later with a lil more sunlight i went out and caught 3 nice bass in a hour time! I love these. And i just found out about the weedless ones!! I got to get them! Hands down I love this bait and recomend it to anybody that fishes fresh water!!!

  16. johnnie grace (verified owner)

    my friend mike turn me on to the plow jockey 20 years ago. man did we catch a lot of bass, the purple plow jockey became my number 1 bass lure. Then last weekend, a lady at a small bait store in Paw paw Mi. suggested the yellow and black striper and did it ever work. I love these IN. worms even in Al. . thank you mike, bait store lady and thank you Kelly lure co. for the In. worm.

  17. half hitch

    I tried the plow jockey years ago my brother got me into fishing them. The first time I used them I kept getting snagged, I lost a lot of worms . Then years later I picked up plow jockeys again no luck, so there was a guy and his daughter fishing and I said I was leaving, to try one of these. I didn’t get my gear off and the guy caught a 4 pound bass. So I was going to catch bass with this worm if it killed me. So the next day that’s all I brought with me 4 cast later caught 5 pounder and been catching bass with the same worm. I just ordered a lot more my wife is using them too.

  18. John Bullock

    I have tried many different worms for bass fishing but these are the best by far. In my first 4 casts with one I caught 4 bass 3, 14 and 1/2 in bass and 1 7 and 1/2 bass. I will never use anything else but these.

  19. Travis harris (verified owner)

    I have used these baby’s way b4 I can remember and they truely r the best when all else fails Kelly’s prevail !! My grandfather used them my father used them I use them and now I pass on the best and only weapon a bass Fisher needs to my daughter ! Four generation and more of family and friends says it all ! Every fishermen needs Kelly’s in there tackle box ! Thank you to the Kelly’s family . Fish on and God bless !

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