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Three-Hook Bass Crawler


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This Large Pre-Rigged 6 1/2″ Crawler is Made For The Big Ones! Has a Natural Segmented Body That is Tapered at the Head and Rear. Ideal for Catching Bass Anytime! Especially When They Have Gone Deep. The Crawler will Sink Faster and Can be Fished at a Faster Rate of Speed. Made With Two No. 4 and One No. 6 Tail End Hooks. Hand Tied-Hand Sewn 17 lb. Test Inside Leader. With Built-in Fish Catching Scent “Anise Scented Plus”.™

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Pack = 1 worm | Card = 12 packs
Peachie Natural
Purple Wild Grape
Neutral Clear Tail
Purple & White
Black & White
Wine & White
Black & Yellow
Purple Firetail
Orange/Chartreuse Firetail
Purple Yellowtail Firetail
Red/Chartreuse Firetail
June Bug Glitter
Pumpkin Seed Glitter
Watermelon Seed Glitter
Sapphire Blue Glitter
Watermelon Red Glitter
Pumpkin Seed/Chart. Firetail
Green Pumpkin Glitter

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24 reviews for Three-Hook Bass Crawler

  1. Doug Bradley

    The only lures a fisherman needs! I have been using Kelly’s for 30 + years!

  2. Steven Arthrell

    My father was a distributor for Kelly’s in Ontario, Canada for 30 years. I grew up with as many Kelly’s lures as I could get my hands on so I was definitely spoiled. The only bass fishing lures that I have used my whole life now for over 35 years. I started with a purple basscrawler color no longer available, to a purple/white for 10 years, to the black/yellow two hook weedless, and now the purple/yellow basscrawler. These lures have literally been a big part of my life, and I have gotten an unknown number of people hooked on these.
    I will always swear by these that they are the best bass fishing lure out there on the market.
    Thankyou for being the best!

    • Grace (verified owner)

      Thank You Steven, Your Dad was one of Kelly’s best distributors, he was with us a long time. We thought of him in business as honest, trustworthy and of high character.
      Keep fishing.
      Grace Kelly

  3. Matt

    Give a guy a fish you feed him once, give him a purple and white striper he won’t go hungry ever again!

  4. Matt

    These lures are so good you’ll buy one for your grandma for Christmas.

  5. Hugh Jorgan

    Anybody says they have a better lure than the purple and white Kelly’s worm is either a liar or an idiot. Either way I’ll fight em!

  6. d.paulhamus

    I have fished with these 3 hookers for 10 years.In streams and lake, smallmouth devour the hooks.would not use anything but these.Peachy natural looks exactley like a real worm.I got my friends hooked on them also.

  7. Dustin Sprague

    Used these for long time. Love them! Orange Chartreuse Firetail the best !

  8. Tom Siergey (verified owner)

    A fishing buddy bragged about his purple and white worm and he gave me one to try. I fish with no other worm. I have caught bass, northern pike and walleye with this amazing lure. Far and away the best bass lure I have ever used in my 65 years of fishing.

  9. Sean R Pranger

    No joke, Best lure on the planet. It’s hard to bass fish with anything else because these can’t be beat. Once you fish a Kelly’s you’ll see…Killer!

  10. Chase White (verified owner)

    The purple and white worm is the best for sure!! If your considering buying these worms, IT IS THE WORM FOR YOU! You won’t regret it!!!!!

  11. Clayton McCune

    I’ve fished these worms for a very long time and have never been disappointed! I love these bass worms so much. I fish them down in West Virginia and these bass just love them!!!

  12. Kenneth Schroy (verified owner)

    Purple and white strip kills the bass.

  13. Nehemiah (verified owner)

    Fish in Indiana and catch bass all day. Went to Minnesota and did the same. Best lure around. I’m sold for life

  14. ken

    Orange Chartreuse Firetail – which my son and i nicknamed the tiger lilly, absolutely tears up the bass no matter the conditions. We catch bass like crazy on Donnell Lake in Michigan with this bait. I got it for my son for his birthday, and now i’m online ordering more of your products. They make fishing fun for everyone!

  15. Tom

    My grandparents got my brother and I fishing them in the 80s, dam best lure we ever used, we would fight over who got the purple and white striped 3 hook lol now I have my son fishing them. best dam bass worm EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  16. Mudd

    The best damn fishing lure available.

  17. Tony D

    Absolutely the best working worm on the market.

  18. Scott Van Horn (verified owner)

    Striper bass worm is the best one I’ve ever fished

  19. Rich

    If they don’t hit this, go home.!!! There are no fish.

  20. Paul Bennett (verified owner)

    I have been using these worms for years. My two daughters, now grown, have never used live bait or any other bait. Every worm in the Kelly arsenal has its place. Swampberry red pier boy special is my go to in the early summer, especially at dusk. Purple grape of any style is great. But, I am here to talk about the Bass Crawler. I see many successes in the reviews regarding the Purple Striper. I have had success with that in mid summer and especially in the morning. My new fall favorite – (past three seasons) is the Purple Yellow Fire tail. Caught at least four 2+ pounders in late September the past 3 years. I just ordered another card of these guys.

    :Love em all!

  21. Mark kollin

    Kick ass for Bass!

  22. Andrew (verified owner)

    These are by far the best bass lures I have ever used. I highly recommend the Purple Yellowtail

  23. Sean cohane

    Nice worm

  24. Moses (verified owner)

    One of the best lures in my box.A definite go too when in need of a quick catch on any kinda day,and enough weight for a decent cast from shore.Movement is beautiful and the descent and movement of t the tail is too much for any fish not to bite!!

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