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This Large Pre-Rigged 6 1/2″ Crawler is Made For The Big Ones! Has a Natural Segmented Body That is Tapered at the Head and Rear. Ideal for Catching Bass Anytime! Especially When They Have Gone Deep. The Crawler will Sink Faster and Deeper Into the Weeds and Can be Fished at a Faster Rate of Speed. Made With Two No. 4 Weedless Hooks. Hand Tied-Hand Sewn 17 lb. Test Inside Leader. With Built-in Fish Catching Scent “Anise Scented Plus”.™

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Pack = 1 worm | Card = 12 packs
Peachie Natural
Purple Wild Grape
Neutral Clear Tail
Purple & White
Black & White
Wine & White
Black & Yellow
Purple Firetail
Orange/Chartreuse Firetail
Purple Yellowtail Firetail
Red/Chartreuse Firetail
June Bug Glitter
Pumpkin Seed Glitter
Watermelon Seed Glitter
Sapphire Blue Glitter
Watermelon Red Glitter
Pumpkin Seed/Chart. Firetail
Green Pumpkin Glitter

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31 reviews for Weedless Bass Crawler

  1. Gary (verified owner)

    About 30 years ago, I was going to start regular vacations to the Northwoods of WI. My wife and I stocked up on all new gear. Before we headed out, we were shopping at a “well known” retail store and for no real reason, I decided to check out the fishing aisle and found my first Kelly worms. Since my daughter’s name is Kelly, I HAD to buy some and over the years they have proven to be the BEST. Whenever I have guests come up and want to try their luck, I ask them, “Do you want to go Fishing or Catching”. If they say catching, we go with my stock of Kelly worms. Thanks for making this old Fishin’ Bum look like a master angler. (Of course my daughter and now her sons love them too!)

  2. Alan Rouse

    Always used these. Always catch fish.

  3. Richard (verified owner)

    Hands down the best bass worm I’ve ever used. Was introduced to these by an old guy at the lake. He had no packaging and it took me a minute to find you! Plow jockey was all he said…lol. But these two hook weedless are what he gave me and I’ve ordered many more over the years. I’ve found for best results keep them stored bent at 180 degrees just like they come in the package. I’m convinced the action from the bend adds so much to this lure. I catch so many big ones the hooks bend out farly quick but I wouldn’t change a thing. Great product!!!

  4. Steven Arthrell

    I have been lucky to have a father that was a distributor for Kelly’s in southern Ontario, so I’ve had the chance to fish with these for 35 years now. The memories that these lures have given me can never be replaced. 35 years of hooking bass with these lures and I’m not stopping yet.

  5. Tony D (verified owner)

    Absolutely the best lure for capturing those elusive bass hanging around the bottom of the ponds, rivers, etc. There are no substitutes for this lure.

  6. Thomas Condon

    I used this weedless crawler and caught three bass. Monsters. I caught them in the lily pads with no problem of getting snagged.

  7. Thomas Condon

    They work great

  8. Thomas Condon

    They are great.

  9. Thomas Condon

    I have used this before with great success. I want to stock up on them.

  10. Jeffrey Aker (verified owner)

    I live in Florida and love bass fishing. I take 3 poles with me i use a cheap zebco reel and have to use a swivel or they twist my line but ALWAYS have on pole set up with a purple and white..

  11. Jeff (verified owner)

    Walleyes will gobble this thing up too. This thing perfectly mimics the “slow death” rigs that have been on the market for walleyes recently. With that in mind I bought some for last year’s walleye fishing trip. I was amazed at how many walleyes I caught with this worm…and how simple it is to fish…just a slow steady retrieve. It will always be tied onto one of my rods. SORRY, I won’t share the color that has worked best for me, but if you know the colors walleye prefer it shouldn’t be too hard to figure it out on your own.

  12. Michael Cline

    Can you order more than one color for the same price

    • Grace (verified owner)

      Yes you can order in any color or amount.

  13. John Herbert

    Do hooks come with it already rigged??

    • Grace Kelly (verified owner)

      Yes. All of our lures are already rigged with hooks.

  14. Jeremy

    Used the lure for the first time yesterday. The purple with the red dot. Caught about 20 bass within 4 hours out of a pond, one of which weighed at least 6 pounds. I used the same lure for every fish and walked away with it at the end of the day. BEST LURE EVER

  15. Michael VanArsdale

    I have spent the last couple of years using night crawlers and cheap artificial worms fishing in Greene-Sullivan State Forest in southwestern Indiana. I had very little luck catching anything from the bank. I bought the weedless purple worm with the pink dot today just to try something different. I hauled in a whopping 40 pounds of bass in less than 4 hours. I went back to the bait shop and bought more of your lures. I don’t see any reason for me to ever use anything else. My wife insists on using night crawlers and does not like artificial bait at all. She saw me snagging one right after the other and we had to take a break and go get her one too. You are fishing lure gods in my book.

  16. Michael Leone (verified owner)

    I happened on the weedless bass crawler several years ago in an upstate hardware store and was told by the owner if I didn’t catch more bass with this lure, he would double my money back. He never had to! I have a tackle box full of lures, but only use the purple/white and wine/white bass crawler. THEY’RE THE BEST!!!

  17. Richard (verified owner)

    I fish all kinds of tackle for the challenge and variety of conditions and when nothing else is working I throw on the two hook weedless and it’s game on. I really should leave the big tackle bag at home and travel light with just with a few of these in my pocket. Its all you’ll ever need. I work them parallel to shore, along laydowns and points, or swim deep. Tried texas, carolina, and drop shot rigs, and those work but found that plain weightless/rig-less dark colors work best. I probably shouldn’t… but I tell everyone I know about these worms.

  18. fred (verified owner)

    I am blessed with a 6 acre pond on our farm…….every bass over 20 inches was caught with a black and white Kelly weedless……..enough said…

  19. Rich Trisler

    What else can be said about Kelly’s bass crawler except ( spectacular results)

  20. Christian

    I have been trying to catch bass with all these other lures and nothing but right when i used Kelly’s bass lures i got 6 bass in 3 hours. I even caught a 17lb one be the biggest i ever caught. Iam never using another lure again.

  21. Terry

    Been useing these for years many different lakes and conditions and have never been let down great bait quite effective…..

  22. ky boys (verified owner)

    We are a small group of guys from South east Ky, we was introduced to these worms years ago,,I am 34 and always remember using your worms..we also call it the purple worm, but have great success on the yellow and black..our group is leaving for Canada in June, you would not believe the amount of smallmouth we catch on this trip with your lures .thank you for your amazing lures,,I just purchased 81.00 worth of new ones that’s how much I belive in them….we are happy that no stores carry your worms locally “it’s our little secret “lol

  23. James Valley

    This is the best bait out there. The purple and white one is my weapon of choice, we just call it the purple worm. It is hanging on my rod ready to go out. I try other lures when I know they are hitting the top but the purple worm is my go to baby. I must have twenty different worm’s from Kelly’s is my tattle box and love them all. I live in Maine and love my Bass fishing, just wish there were in more stores.

  24. frank


    • Grace Kelly (verified owner)

      Thank You for the comment. What a wonderful testimony!!!

  25. Lisa

    Best lures out there! Caught many bass on these wouldn’t use anything else!

  26. Thomas (verified owner)

    My wife and I fish Kyle Lake in Falls Creek Pa, the “unholy weed lake of Pa” as I call it. We use Kelly’s weedless bass lures (all colors)..and slam the big bass home….I also caught an 18lb. 28inch Bowfin in Black Lake NY with one….I will not fish with any other lures. Kelly’s lures are the BEST!!

  27. William R. Geitner

    I’ve been fishing over 60 years and I’ve never seen anything like Kelly’s worms. They are great! In Aug. I caught the King Bass of the lake on one of Kelly’s worms. He was 20 1/2 inches long. I’m giving them to my sons for Christmas presents.

  28. steve

    ive been fishing these worms for 10 years and nothing comes close to catching bass consistently.

  29. For the boyz (verified owner)

    We have tried many other bass crawlers over the years. Nothing ever comes close to the action you will see with these crawlers… Try them you will love them.

  30. Angel (verified owner)

    These are one of the only lures my family uses for bass fishing anymore as they never let us down! The weedless hooks are awesome. We can fish in weeds, lily pads and logs without getting caught.

  31. David Hill

    I used the black and white and caught 5 large mouth bass in 3 hours in shallow water with some weeds. I fished it by cranking a couple turns then leaving it sink. It did not snag on weeds. The fish hit when letting it sink.

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